LBO Debt Financing

Specialisation: Private Equity

Course summary

Explore the debt financing instruments used in Leveraged Buy-outs. In this 80-minute course you’ll learn about the key characteristics of the different debt instruments used in LBO transactions and you will get a practitioners insight about a typical LBO financing structure.

This course is perfect for first and second year analysts active in M&A and Private Equity, who are familiar with LBO’s but haven’t completed an LBO transaction yet.

Learning goals

By the end of this course you will know enough to structure your first debt-financing package and you are ready to get into the details of each debt-financing instrument.

Course structure

This course is structured in multiple short videos and ends with an exam. In addition to the videos and quizzes you can find readings, best practice templates and related videos about trending topics in the - course materials section - on the left (once you have entered the course). These materials are part of the curriculum and required for the exam.

To complete the course successfully and obtain a course certificate you are required to achieve a score of 75% on your exam, finish one of the challenges and assess one challenge of your peers. Note that you can retake exams.

Course masters


Matthies Haentjens
Valuation professional

Matthies Haentjens is an experienced M&A and Valuation advisor with a passion for taking financial training for young professionals to the next level. Prior to starting Postinitial Matthies worked at KPMG Corporate Finance and private equity firm Axivate Capital Partners.