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Enterprise Value Multiples

This course provides you with the ins and outs of enterprise value multiples. Covering key characteristics, valuation mechanics, gathering the necessary parameters, avoiding pittfalls and making adjustments to tailor your valuation.
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DCF Fundamentals

Fundamentals of DCF Valuation, provides you with a complete guide to corporate valuation using the discount cash flow methodology and provides you with valuable insights on financial modeling.
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Cost of Capital

Cost of Capital, provides you with a comprehensive overview of all the fundamental parameters making-up the cost of the capital used in DCF valuation
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LBO Debt Financing

Explore the debt financing instruments used in LBOs and learn more about their key characteristics and a typical LBO financing structure.
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LBO Fundamentals

Explore the key principles of a Leveraged Buy-out (LBO) transaction and learn more about the main drivers of the IRR and the sources and uses fund statement.
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Locked Box

Explore the key principals of a Locked Box mechanism and learn more about purchase price calculations, the conduct of business and leakage provision.

SPA Fundamentals

Explore the main concepts of the Share Purchase Agreement and learn more about the contractual process encountered in M&A transactions.