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At Postinitial we made it our goal to help you jumpstart your career in Corporate Finance.

You learn the latest technical skills necessary to advance quickly in your career through a combination of online micro-courses and in-person training sessions, all developed by industry leading practitioners.

The online micro-courses are available on demand, just when an engagement calls for that specific knowledge or when you have some time available to sharpen your corporate finance knowledge. While the in-person sessions can be easily booked through our bookings engine.

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You’ll learn the technical skills used by top-performers in Corporate Finance.

You’ll have the skillset to take-on those exciting & challenging assignments that used to be reserved for seniors.

You’ll be able to incorporate training in your already busy life.

You’ll get the credentials to substantiate your newly acquired skills.

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Your employees will increase their technical skills faster, resulting in increased productivity, working morale and happier clients.

By learning with micro-courses online combined with in-person training sessions learning efficiency is increased dramatically also lowering indirect costs, such as unproductive hours.

Learning with Postinitial results in a direct cost saving of more than 50% compared to traditional training.

Know the skills you have in-house by keeping track of your employees’ skill set and progress.

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We believe that learning should be based on real-life experiences, is rewarding, and fits into your busy life. So we designed learning paths to do just that.

Learning paths are organized in micro-online courses to give you the flexibility to just get the knowledge you want, when you want it and also a direct reward for learning it, in the form of training certificate. To complement online learning, learning paths includes in-person training sessions covering multiple micro-courses.

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Senior professionals employed at industry leading firms develop the learning paths, micro-courses and in-person training sessions. This way you can rest assure that you are learning the latest and the greatest.

On top of that we formed an expert board consisting of leading practitioners. The expert board reviews courses and checks them on quality and completeness.

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Throughout the micro-courses you learn by doing, working on real projects extracted from everyday practice. Each micro-course covers a single element, part of a larger subject and is structured in a number of short videos, quizzes, a small case study and a short exam. And since we know that all of you have very demanding jobs, our micro-courses are designed so that you can complete them in 60 – 90 minutes.

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The in-person training sessions cover multiple micro-courses, which gives you the opportunity to tie the knots together and go into detail on the elements you need more help on.

Each session follows a case based approach, and before you participate in the session you complete the case online. That way we make sure that you to get as much out of the session as possible.